Want to travel, meet youth workers from 10 different countries, engage your mind and soul into learning more about diversity and inclusion ❓❓Well this is the call for you‼️Read below 🔽🖊️ TC “Evolving and changing”📍Vlasotince, Serbia🗓️ From 7th of October till the 14th of October 2022👥 3 participants from Bosnia and HerzegowinaWhat is the aim of the project?The aim of this training course is to equip youth workers with non-formal learning competences for promoting diversity and inclusion values among young people and fighting stereotypes among young Europeans. 💡🖋️🧠⏳ 

Application deadline is 17th August.

More details in the link below 👇https://bravo-bih.com/open-call-for-3-participants-for…/

Biljana Matijević
Diplomirani novinar sa 15+ godina iskustva. Novinarstvo smatra avanturističkim sportom sa beznadežnim Servantesovim entuzijazmom. Optimista.